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Phone Support

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Novecore offers phone support as a paid feature. It is included in the VIP Plan, but subject to additional fees in the Free and Premium plans.

Before you call, you must have your Phone PIN handy. This can be found in the Novecore Account Settings. If your call will incur a fee, you must also have a credit card linked to your Novecore account. Please note that you cannot currently use your Novecore account balance to pay for phone support charges.

You can reach our phone support under a few different numbers:
+44 3333 40 40 50 (Charged like a local UK number)
+44 1484 925 801 (Local UK number)
+1 628-313-4040 (Local US number)

If we call you back, our calls will always appear to come from +44 3333 40 40 50 or a number in the range of +44 1484 925 800 - +44 1484 925 899, which is exclusively allocated to Novecore.

The fees for our phone support are as follows:

Before connecting you with a member of our staff, we will charge your default card for the maximum fee for your department and plan combination. Once the call completes, we will refund the difference to the actual fees within 2 hours. If no member of our staff is available to take your call, you will have the option to request a callback or receive a full, immediate refund.

If you hang up while waiting in queue, the entire fee will be refunded within 24 hours.


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