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Why have I not received a royalty report?

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Stores report and pay royalties with a delay of three to six months. Additionally, Novecore only credits payments to your account when you get close to the payout limit, which is currently $20. This avoids taxation issues for users in some countries, among other problems.

Please also note that not all streams are eligible for earning a royalty. Depending on the store, exclusions may be:
  • Artificial streams and streams suspected of being artificial, i.e. not made by a human
  • Certain free trials, promotions or employee-/partner-only plans
  • Streams made by an artist, composer, label or their teams
  • Streams originating directly from clicking an advertisement on social media or other web sites
  • Use in Novecore's promotional materials (although Novecore will usually pay a separate royalty at its discretion)

Additionally, some Novecore accounts are generally ineligible to receive royalties:
  • Accounts suspended for artificial streaming, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, or other activity violating our or our partners terms or applicable law
  • Accounts with a negative billing or payout balance, provided that any royalties that would have been received are used to offset the negative balance

Accounts suspended for other reasons do automatically receive royalties either, but may request them to be paid or automated payment to be set up by emailing

If an artist has a large amount of ineligible streams of some types, such as artificial streams, some stores may refuse to make payment for all streams of the artist or label.

In certain cases, Novecore may allow stores to use Novecore content for free for a certain period of time, for example during certain contract re-negotiations, but this is rare and will generally be avoided.

    For most stores royalty reports are only provided on request, but royalties will be credited automatically.

    Due to how our system determines whether the payout limit is close to being reached, it can sometimes happen that accounts that should receive royalties do not. This is because, to ensure quick processing of reports, our system only calculates royalties due to an account if it determines that it is likely that the account will reach the threshold by "sampling" the royalty reports. This means that our system initially processes only a random selection of lines (where a line is a country-plan-track combination), so if a track's royalties are too concentrated on a certain demographic the estimate can be significantly off. We continue to monitor the impact of this and believe that it is minimal, affecting less than 0.1% of our users.

    If you believe you are impacted by this, please email with the following information so we can take a look:
    • If applicable, the months in which you received most streams
    • The stores you receive most streams on
    • The tracks you receive most streams

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