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Novecore Concierge

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This feature is currently in closed beta. You can request an invite at

Novecore Concierge is our Premium support offering exclusive to Novecore VIP customers.

Every VIP customer has a Novecore Concierge team member assigned to them. You can find their contact details in the Novecore VIP portal. Use this contact for requests related to artist growth and marketing strategy. For generic issues, you can email instead for a faster response. If your assigned team member is on vacation, your request will be forwarded to a different team member.

While the scope of the Novecore Concierge service is significantly larger than the standard Novecore support's, requests should be reasonable (we won't be able to connect a new artist with a charting artist for example).

A non-exhaustive list of examples for what our Novecore Concierge team can assist you with can be found below:
  • Artist growth strategy
  • Any issues related to Novecore
  • Certain requests regarding some of our store partners (such as Facebook, Spotify and YouTube)
  • Feedback on releases
  • Procurement of services such as cover art design or mastering
  • Procurement of licenses for cover songs and remixes

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