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Novecore VIP Premier

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Don't get phished! Emails from Novecore will always have a sender email address, or If someone contacts you on social media claiming to represent Novecore, ask for their email address and send them an email to verify!

The Novecore VIP Premier program is an invite only extension to the Novecore VIP service meant to help growing and established artists advance their careers even more effectively.

Unlike access to the Novecore VIP service, Novecore VIP Premier membership can't be purchased and is available by invitation only. It is not possible to apply. Novecore sends invitations both to artists already using Novecore and artists outside of our existing userbase.

Novecore VIP Premier membership is always free and the best part is that you retain all your rights and can leave at any time.

Novecore VIP Premier membership comes with some unique features:
  • All Novecore Premium features, excluding 0% revenue share, such as Novecore Insights
  • All Novecore VIP features, such as Novecore Concierge
  • Active assistance with your marketing and release strategy
  • Advanced social media support (such as name change or verification requests)
  • Cash Advances
  • Custom revenue share (usually 5% - 10%)
  • Higher priority for Novecore Concierge requests, brand sponsorships, playlist pitching and other promotion opportunities

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