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Novecore Insights provides you with broadcast, digital charts and playlist monitoring powered by SoundCharts. It is included in Novecore Premium and higher subscriptions.

Specifically, it provides you with the following information:
  • A list of digital charts currently listing your tracks
  • A list of radio broadcasts having contained your tracks
  • A list of playlists currently containing your tracks
  • The total count of radio broadcasts having contained your tracks
  • The total count of subscribers of playlists containing your tracks
  • The number of radio broadcasts having contained your tracks yesterday
  • The number of playlists your tracks were added to yesterday

This data is provided for all tracks (including ones not released with Novecore) from all artists that are part of an approved release on your Novecore account. Historical data is provided from the day after the artist's first release is approved on Novecore or 21 February 2021 (although data before 16 April 2021 may be incomplete or unreliable due to an artist mapping bug), whichever came first. Only public data is collected, private playlists are not displayed. You can find a list of the radio stations and playlist/chart platforms monitored at

In rare cases, the system is unable to match an artist with its artist pages or mixes up artists. If this happens to you, please contact us and we can get the mapping corrected for you.

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